Portfolio overview

Our portfolio

We are focused on upper middle-market companies and conservative credit metrics.

As of March 31, 2024 • Q1'24 10-Q

$852M Weighted average portfolio company revenue

$182M Weighted average portfolio company EBITDA

1.6x Weighted average portfolio company interest coverage

44% Weighted average loan-to-value

We are focused on the top of the capital structure.

Our portfolio by asset type

Almost all of our debt investments are floating rate.

Debt investment interest rate type

Our portfolio is well diversified across industry and geography.

Our portfolio by industry

Our portfolio by geography

As of March 31, 2024 • Q1'24 10-Q

All data as of 1/31/24. Borrower financials are derived from the most recently available portfolio company financial statements, have not been independently verified by Blue Owl's Credit platform, and may reflect a normalized or adjusted amount. Accordingly, Blue Owl's Credit platform makes no representation or warranty in respect of this information. This represents 83.1% of our total debt portfolio based on fair value and excludes certain investments that fall outside of our typical borrower profile. Diversification will not guarantee profitability or protection against loss.