Activating our vision for opportunity

Our Adviser believes that sustainable corporate behavior will have a positive influence on financial performance. Our Adviser’s approach to corporate sustainability is anchored in its commitment to be a positive force in society, by contributing to and supporting its communities, the environment, and the people within them.

Our Adviser's priorities


Responsible investment

Our Adviser recognizes the importance of ESG risks and opportunities and is committed to the consideration of these factors in relation to its business operations and investment activities. Our Adviser strives to continuously strengthen its ability to assess, mitigate, manage, and monitor relevant ESG risks and opportunities within its investment portfolios.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our Adviser is committed to fostering and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our Adviser prizes diversity in its team and seeks to create an inclusive, merit-based environment that is supportive of people from all backgrounds.



Our Adviser seeks to engage with its stakeholders to support the causes most important to its communities. Our Adviser takes its role as a corporate citizen seriously and aims to leverage its resources for social good by contributing to meaningful causes and by partnering with various organizations to support the communities in which it operates and resides.

Investing responsibly

Assessing ESG factors

Investing Responsibly

Our Adviser, Blue Owl Capital Inc. (together with its affiliates, “Blue Owl” or the “Firm”), is committed to the consideration of material* environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors within our investment activities and in our business operations to manage risk and identify opportunities.

Our Adviser believes that incorporating material* ESG factors into our corporate and investment activities has the potential to meaningfully contribute to the value of our Firm and the organizations in which we invest.

Our Adviser’s principles for conducting ESG assessment:

  1. ESG assessments should be integral and complementary to the investment life cycle
  2. ESG assessments should enhance a deal team’s view of a business and strengthen its overall diligence and analysis
  3. Tools, processes, and procedures should be proportionate to the nature of the investment and the fund’s objectives (e.g., amount of information available, length of transaction and decision cycle, rights afforded to and obligations required of the investor, etc.)
  4. Our approach should be able to scale at pace with our investment ambitions
  5. Overall, ESG assessments should be sufficiently robust to substantiate our decisions but not disproportionately cumbersome and resource-inefficient so as to impede our ability to be good stewards of capital
View Blue Owl’s ESG policy

*Investment decisions are made by Blue Owl Credit Advisers LLC, our external adviser (our "Adviser"). The Adviser is an indirect affiliate of Blue Owl Capital Inc. The ESG policies described herein are those of our Adviser and ultimate parent. The same information about those ESG policies can be found here: As used herein, “material” should not be equated to or taken as a representation about the “materiality” of any ESG issues or factors under the federal securities or other applicable laws.

Transparency of sustainability risk policy

Our Adviser is an indirect subsidiary of Blue Owl Capital Inc. (together with its affiliates “Blue Owl”) and observes the ESG and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies of Blue Owl. Our Adviser integrates ESG factors into its investment process. When evaluating investment opportunities, our Adviser considers ESG risks associated with such opportunities as well as whether there are serious ESG or reputational concerns with regard to prospective portfolio companies or other assets. In particular, our Adviser evaluates material ESG risks, mitigating factors and opportunities applicable for the asset type (and the industry as a whole).

Based on each fund’s investment objective and investment strategy, our Adviser considers ESG risks to present a limited near-term impact on the returns of the funds that it manages, with greater impacts likely to be experienced over time. Our Adviser expects to implement mechanisms to identify material ESG issues in making investments in portfolio companies and to periodically evaluate whether such issues are likely to impact the returns of an investment and, consequently, the returns of the relevant fund. Please see our ESG Policy for more information.

No consideration of principal adverse sustainability impacts